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On the Discovery Call, we'll dive into your existing post-production workflow, learn about the types of videos you need created, and explore if Edit Crew is a good fit for your team.

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the videos we're making, we don’t want your money, because we don’t deserve it. That’s why you’ve 14 days to try us out. If we're not for you, we’ll return your full investment. That’s a promise.

Customer Stories

Extending your in-house team's capabilities has never been easier.

"Using Edit Crew has allowed us to expand our services quickly and grow our business."

Scott Indermaur

Visual Thrive

"I get more time for myself to do things I couldn’t do if I was bogged down with edits."

Ryan Stober

Team of Scientists

"It’s like Uber Eats for video. Like having someone in-house who knows exactly what we wanted."

Conor Hildebrandt

Viva Media

"I felt like they weren’t going to diminish the quality of my brand."

Tyler Nimmons

Front Runner Films

What Our Clients Say

Edit Crew is the best assistant editor I could ask for. Whether they’re taking the lead on an edit or putting the final touches on something I’ve been working on, having this team at my disposal has been amazing!

Patrick Frank

Production Company Owner

Working with Edit Crew has been such a game-changer. Now I can focus on what I do best (producing and shooting new content), and just pass all the footage along, knowing they’ll bring my vision to life. The entire process is quick, efficient, seamless and professional. I’d HIGHLY recommend them for bulk edits!

Lucie Fink


Edit Crew has been one of the best investments we have made as a marketing agency! They've significantly reduced our turnaround time for video. The process of submitting a request is so straightforward and simple. Our project manager has been a pleasure to work with as well! We are so grateful for Edit Crew and would highly recommend making this time-saving investment.

Amy P.

Digital Creative Agency

I was skeptical at first when I hired Edit Crew, after all, how good could they be charging only $2,450/month? I have to say, having worked with them for 2 months, they have exceeded my expectations at every turn. Not only did they deliver quality editing, but they did so very quickly. But what I’m most impressed with is their communication. It’s rare today to find a company that puts customer service at the top of its priority list, but they have always been proactive in communicating with me every step of the way.

Brandon Stuerke

Next Level Advisors